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Alex Cook’s Murals in Northampton

Music video of 3 murals painted by Alex Cook in 1997 in Northampton For more work by Alex Cook – Video by John Riley Tags: Murals, graffiti, art, public art, Alex Cook, John Riley, music video

Paradise City Press: El Conquistador

We went to check out the new restaurant in Florence, MA – El Conquistador, which blends cuisine from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Tags: Paradise City Press, El Conquistador, food, cuisine, authentic, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, spanish, restaurant, Florence

Gas Leaks Springfield and Northampton 6/2/16

Community forums in Springfield and Northampton concerning the issue of unrepaired gas leaks by Columbia Gas featuring a presentation by Ania Camargo, of the organization Mothers Out Front. The sponsors said there are more than 500 ongoing gas leaks in…