Category: 7 Day Film Sprint

Film Sprint 1st Place Winner: Post-Apocalyptic by Space Cadets

Teams of filmmakers of all ages and skill-levels in Western MA received random genres and created original short films as part of the 7 Day Film Sprint. Team Space Cadets, led by B. Craven, picked Post-Apocalyptic. Their film, entitled “Dead…

Film Sprint: “In Time” by Team Pendragon

Two time travelers are stranded in the 18th Century, and their descendants in the time-locked 21st Century find themselves in a race against time to prevent secret government agents from recovering the travelers’ abandoned chrono-tech. Originally produced for Northampton Community…

Film Sprint: “Over Thunk It” by Eco System

A happy and uplifting romantic comedy based on two people who haven’t had dates for twenty years. by Eco System: Larry Green, JW Booth, F Stien, Steph Belden

Film Sprint: “Gregory!” by Lead Pipe

A movie musical produced for the 2014 7 Day Film Sprint. by Lead Pipe: Dan Ouellette, Lex Russo, Corinne Hinkley, Colin Abbatessa, Nate Quigley, Sam Averill

Film Sprint: “Never Look Away” by Cousin Films

A short 7 minute “Mockumentary” based off of television shows that investigate supernatural life. by Cousin Films: Tobias LaMontagne, Sebastian LaMontagne, Sarah Sousa