Category: Short Films

This is My World

After wandering into a cave he finds in the woods, Jack becomes the prisoner of a supernatural being. Trapped in a surreal 1950s themed loop, Jack slowly adapts to the regimen of brainwashing and repetition. Every day is the same,…

School Security Satire

A satire project for an AP English Language and Composition class. Created by: Caleb Staples, Theo Thompson, Ben Raivel, and Liam McBride.

Mask Girl – Episode 2

A mask girl just living in a human world. Video by Back Bar Recordings (Kelsey O’Brien & Courtney Hummel)

Painted Dreams – Season 1 Episode 4

Painted Dreams is the title of the first radio soap opera, which began its run in 1930. Part soap, part personal essay, the project mixes video performance & installation to explore the ongoing parallel world of feminist serials. Video…

Resources for People Experiencing Homelessness in Winter

Keanu Sikahema found himself homeless during a Western Massachusetts winter. Eventually, he discovered resources that enabled him not only to survive but thrive. Northampton Police Department Chief Jody Kasper and Captain John Cartledge explain the resources available to the local…

Beyond Hello

An independent film from Phaedron Productions/Juno Orion, created with a Production Grant from NCTV, Beyond Hello follows the conversation that happens between two strangers who want to be more than strangers. Starring: Laura DeCesare, Keith Ward, Gilana Chelimsky, Richard Ballon,…

The Sky On His Back

A young boy [Devin Henry], afraid of the world around him, is taught how to fly by a mysterious traveling storyteller. Produced by Ben Tobin with a production grant from Northampton Community Television.

Gale and the Fish

This film was created by Melissa McClung with a NCTV production grant.

Lovely Linda

Lovely Linda is a short film by Gabriel Bernini about sad love, happy people, and a murderer. This production made possible with a Production Grant from Northampton Community Television in 2016.

Thicker Than Water

Sisters Alex (Blyth Bijou Campbell) and Cassandra (Liz Perry) do not get along. But when their recently deceased mother Gretchen (Elizabeth Macduffie), hatches a plan from beyond the grave to bring the family back together – and spring herself from…