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About Crowdsourced CinemaCrowdsourced Cinema Films

on setCrowdsourced Cinema is a public art project of Northampton Community Television in which the community collaboratively remakes a famous film.

Each team is assigned a scene from the film to interpret creatively – it could be filmed with live action, animation, remix, puppetry, and other visual styles. The only rules are to follow the same action, dialog, and and total running time of a short scene without using copyrighted images or audio.

We also invite musicians, composers, and producers to participate in creating an original score to a randomly assigned section of the movie.

The final film is stitched together and premieres at the Northampton Film Festival each fall, broadcasts on Northampton Community Television, and is distributed on the web.

The Crowdsourced Cinema project invites people to create and play with cinema who perhaps haven’t before, challenges seasoned filmmakers to creative problem solving, and builds community among participants.

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