2017 Production Grants

 Applications are due Midnight March 12th, 2017. Recipients will be announced March 17th, 2017.

The NCTV Production Grants support media creators from Northampton, Massachusetts and the surrounding areas. By easing the financial burden of production we aim to empower people in our region to tell stories and craft experiences that might not otherwise be possible. 2017 will mark the fourth round of production grants distributed by Northampton Community Television, and the first time the program will include community art projects and virtual reality experiences.

Short Film – up to $2,000

The short film production grant will be up to $2000 and is open to anyone of any age in Northampton and the surrounding communities. Films can be documentary or narrative, but should not already be in production. This is a production grant, not a finishing grant. In the past these films have ranged from 15 minutes to feature length. We encourage you to keep it short! 15-20 minutes is a good range to shoot for. Grantees should look at what NCTV has to offer for production equipment, and not budget for those things. We have an extensive selection of cameras, lenses, lights, and audio gear. The money should go to cover other expenses; actors, props, costumes, craft services, transportation, and other production costs.

Youth Short Film – up to $2,000

We want to include as many different groups as possible. One grant will be set aside for a producer 18 years or younger. Other than that the guidelines for this project are the same as the short film grant.

Interactive/VR Experience – up to $2,000

Virtual reality has become more common and accessible with each passing year, and as a media organization we are trying to understand how it will fit into our communities in the future. This grant should be used to develop an experience or game using the Unity or Unreal game engine. This is an exciting new field and we are looking for projects that explore how people in our community can be a part of it.

Community Art Project – up to $1,000

In past years we have turned down grant requests for projects that didn’t fit into the “short film” box that we were looking for. We read through proposals for classes, youth development projects and local gardening experiments that seemed like cool ideas, and had a multimedia element, but felt like they didn’t fit. This year we want to create room for these great ideas in our program. The only catch is that there needs to be a multimedia element, and it would be a bonus if it took advantage of NCTV resources. Want to make a projection art project using our cameras and our projector? That sounds cool! Want to empower local youth by paying them to produce PSAs about the problems they see in the world? Great idea! The strength of community media can be leveraged in many different ways, and we hope to enable all of them.

Youth Media Course – up to $1000

This $1000 grant is for a 1 week media class to be held summer 2017 at Northampton Community Television. Summer courses that we have done in the past have covered youth filmmaking and have run for about 5 hours per day. The grant recipient will be in charge of setting the curriculum, advertising for the course, managing admission and instructing. NCTV will assist by giving free access to equipment, computers, software and facilities.

View a PDF of all rules and guidelines.