2018 Production Grants

InformationPast Recipients and Projects

March 3, 2018 – We are no longer accepting grant applications.

NCTV Production Grants support media creators of Northampton, MA. By easing the financial burden of production we aim to empower people in our region to tell stories and craft experiences that might not otherwise be possible. 2018 will mark the fifth round of production grants distributed by Northampton Community Television.

Be sure to pretend we don’t know you, even if we do. A stranger should be able to read your application.

NCTV will endeavor to fund at least one grant for a youth project, meaning an applicant who is 18 years of age or younger.


Short Film

This grant is for short narrative or documentary or experimental films. Narrative and experimental submissions should include a one page pitch and a completed script and a look book is recommended. Documentary submissions should include a letter of commitment from major participants.Note that music videos for produced music are not considered films for the purposes of this application.

  • Up to $2000
  • Narrative or documentary
  • 15-30 Minutes
  • One page pitch required
  • Script required
  • Budget and schedule required
  • Look book recommended
  • Documentary films should include a commitment letter



Community Art Project

The strength of community media can be leveraged in many different ways, and we hope to enable all of them. This grant is for a community art project that uses multimedia elements as part of its core messaging, medium, or experience..

  • Up to $1000
  • Must have a multimedia element
  • One page pitch required
  • Schedule & budget required

Media Class

We are lucky to be surrounded by talented creators with extensive professional experience. As a way to leverage that resource and provide a learning experience for those looking to hone their craft we are offering a grant to support a media class at NCTV. This class will span at least 3 sessions.

  • Up to $1000
  • A media based course to be held at NCTV
  • Application should show a need for this class
  • A draft of curriculum is required

Virtual Reality Experience

Virtual Reality Grants will go to a recipient creating an immersive experience or video.

  • Up to $2000
  • 360 video or immersive experience
  • Script required for video
  • Schedule & budget required

Grant Timeline

Grant forms must be completed by the end of March 2nd, 2018. Selections will be announced on March 9th, 2018. Projects must be completed by March 2019.

Selection Criteria

Community Connection

NCTV supports the broad community in an effort to enable expression and fluency in the moving image, multimedia, and immersive experience. We are also connected to Northampton, MA. To that end we ask that applications or applicants are able to draw a line connecting the application to Northampton in some fashion. Examples might include:

  • The applicant lives in or works in or goes to school in Northampton.
  • The project will be shot or produced in Northampton.
  • The project will take place or be performed in Northampton.
  • Elements of the project reference or connect to Northampton.

Clear Path to Completion

Your application should demonstrate your ability to complete the proposed production. In addition to filling out the application as completely as possible it is very important that you provide materials that can convincingly persuade the selection committee that you are proposing a viable project. This includes your budget, schedule, script and any other information you can give us. Check the grant page on northamptontv.org for links to examples of good proposal techniques. NCTV may ask some applicants for additional materials after their initial submission.

What won’t be funded?

  • Grant recipients in consecutive rounds
  • Projects or events completed prior to applying
  • Finishing grants
  • More than one application by the same applicant


To apply for an NCTV Production Grant you will first need to fill out the application form in the “Application” tab.  Additional materials such as scripts, resumes, schedules, budgets and look books can be uploaded to THIS LINK.

Additional Rules


All successful applicants must properly credit Northampton Community Television for providing funds to the project in all press materials, posters, programs, announcements, paid advertising by putting the NCTV logo on the press materials. Any videos produced must feature the NCTV productions graphic at the beginning and the language “Produced utilizing community media at Northampton Community Television” at the end. Failure to do so will result in loss of funding.

Conflicts of Interest

Grant recipients cannot be employed by NCTV, or be related to a staff or board member of NCTV. Staff and board members of NCTV may not receive payment for any involvement in the production of these grants.


Grant money may not be used to purchase equipment already available through NCTV.


All productions must adhere to FCC rules regarding content.

Please note that all rights, clearances, and releases must be secured by the grantee for all material in the production. This includes but is not limited to the use of music, images and individual talent releases.

Distribution Rights

NCTV will maintain the distribution rights for all productions including the right to air on television, upload to YouTube and screen publicly. Note these works will fall under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND International 4.0 license found here: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/legalcode


“Deadline” by Benjamin Bradley-Gilbert

“Beyond Hello” by Juno Orion


“The Cards” by Jake Bridgman

“Gale and the Fish” by Melissa McClung


“Country Girl” by Boy Harsher

“Lovely Linda” by Gabe Bernini

“The Sky on His Back” by Ben Tobin