Northampton Draws during Sidewalk Sales

Deborah Jane Slavitt describes the Northampton Center for the Arts Stop during the 2012 Sidewalk Sales. As a Fiber Artist, she encourages all to take needle to canvas and try drawing in yarn for the first ever Northampton Draws event,…

Spotlighting Paradise: Pedal People

Host, Henry White, talks to the Pedal People of Northampton about their origins and upcoming tenth anniversary celebration. Shot July 9th, 2012

Solar Power: Does Who Owns It Matter?

Mark Hensley, FirstSolar & CoopPower Consultant; Sara Ross, Sungage; Todd Ford, Hampshire County Council of Governments give their take on Solar ownership and financing models. The scale of the solar project (personal/residential, municipal, national company) is explored.

Crowdfunding, Slow Money & the JOBS Act

Lynn Benander, CoopPower presents current financing challenges in a climate that promotes short term profits by individuals investing in a model that works against community values. John Cronin, CFE, Securities Director for the State of Vermont, Department of Banking, Insurance,…