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All of our classes take place in our studio in Northampton. Follow this link for directions Make sure to arrive on time so you can find parking and get situated.  Feel free to bring a notebook to take notes.

Fundamentals of Cinematography

This class provides the fundamental knowledge you need to create great video productions. You will learn aspect ratio vs resolution, composition, types of camera movements and angles, and exposure theory. If you have never studied film or video before, or need a review of the concepts, this class is a must-take!

DSLR Essentials

Diving further into exposure theory and hands-on training to get you up and running with the Canon Rebel T4i. We recommend taking Fundamentals in Cinematography prior to the DSLR class.

Panasonic GH4

Prerequisite: DSLR Camera Essentials (with the Canon T4i)

The Panasonic GH4 broke ground by offering high bitrate and 4k video in a rugged mirrorless micro four thirds body. This class will introduce you to this little beast and help you to choose the settings that will work for you.

Electronic Field Production

Learn to use the Canon XA25. This camera’s automatic functions make it the perfect choice for long events or run & gun style shoots. It even has two XLR inputs for convenient internal audio recording.

Audio and Sound

Learn about the different kinds of microphones and audio recording options we have to offer plus how and when to use them with hands-on exercises.

Basics of Lighting for Video

Get some hands-on experience with our studio and field lights.  You’ll learn the basics of how lighting works to set mood, atmosphere, and get a decent exposure. We’ll end the class by setting up a three-point light shoot.

Adobe Premiere

Learn how to start a project, organize your media, and starting editing in Adobe Premiere CC 2017.  We have sample footage for you to work on during the class.

Adobe After Effects

Learn how to create motion graphics, use keyframes, and some special effects with Adobe After Effects CC 2017.

Camera Stabilization Class

Complicated camera movements are incredibly difficult to pull off without the proper stabilization. Steady hands and optical image stabilization can only get you so far. In this class we will look at the proper way to use tripods, shoulder rigs, sliders, glidecams and jib arms to get that buttery smooth look we all know and love.

Sony A7s2 -Shooting and Color Correcting

The Sony A7s2 has groundbreaking low light performance, but only if you use it correctly. In this class we will look at how to shoot with this camera, and then we will go through a quick color correction of that footage.