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All of our classes take place at 33 Hawley St in Northampton. Follow this link for directions Make sure to arrive on time so you can find parking and get situated.  Feel free to bring a notebook to take notes.

Intro to Exposure & Composition

In this class we take a close look at the universal tools used to set exposure for video. Then we talk about some guidelines that will help achieve an appealing composition. This class is open to all levels and is highly recommended for those just starting out in video production.

DSLR Production – Panasonic GH4

DSLRs can be a cost effective way of shooting high quality video. In this class we will cover: Setting exposure. The lenses available and their benefits. How to use different bitrates, frame rates and resolutions. Shooting time lapse and slow motion.

Field Production – Canon XA25

The Canon XA25 is great for shooting events because of it’s 20x zoom, built in stabilization and professional audio inputs. In this class we will go over this camera and talk about how to use it in the field.

Cinema Production – A7s2

This class will cover the Sony A7s2 as well as the Rokinon Cine Lens kit, follow focus and Atomos Shogun Flame. These pieces come together to make a powerful kit for productions such as short films or music videos. In addition to going over the equipment we will look at how to start color correcting.

Audio for Video

We have different mics and audio recorders for different situations. In this class we will go over the audio gear available and demonstrate how to identify the right tool for your production.

Lighting for Video

We will go through the four qualities of light and how we can use them to tell our stories.


Learn about our camera stabilization tools. Tripods, sliders, shoulder rigs, glide cam and jib arm.

Adobe After Effects

Learn how to create motion graphics, use keyframes, and some special effects with Adobe After Effects CC 2017.