Category: Short Films

Documenting Experiential Learning at UWW

The University Without Walls at Umass’ Springfield Center offers an introduction to documentary filmmaking course . This video details the students process and the aim of the class with key interviews from instructors Larry Hott, Evan Goodchild, and Mitch Boucher….

Beyond Hello

An independent film from Phaedron Productions/Juno Orion, created with a Production Grant from NCTV, Beyond Hello follows the conversation that happens between two strangers who want to be more than strangers. Starring: Laura DeCesare, Keith Ward, Gilana Chelimsky, Richard Ballon,…

The Sky On His Back

A young boy [Devin Henry], afraid of the world around him, is taught how to fly by a mysterious traveling storyteller. Produced by Ben Tobin with a production grant from Northampton Community Television.

Gale and the Fish

This film was created by Melissa McClung with a NCTV production grant.

Lovely Linda

Lovely Linda is a short film by Gabriel Bernini about sad love, happy people, and a murderer. This production made possible with a Production Grant from Northampton Community Television in 2016.

Thicker Than Water

Sisters Alex (Blyth Bijou Campbell) and Cassandra (Liz Perry) do not get along. But when their recently deceased mother Gretchen (Elizabeth Macduffie), hatches a plan from beyond the grave to bring the family back together – and spring herself from…