Haz Mat Drill at Cooley Dickinson Hospital

The Northampton Fire Department teams up with Cooley Dickinson Hospital to drill for a Hazardous Materials Decontamination Scenario. The “victims” go through a water vapor shower, the contaminated run-off is captured in a molded flooring unit for safe disposal.

Permaculture Class PSA

Sign up for the Northampton Permaculture Gardening Class this fall, 2012 and learn about social justice, how to set up an aquaponics tank, and much more. Work with a group to design a garden for a local space and have…

Reuse & Recycle Rally

Come to the Re-use & recycling rally on June 2nd from 9-12 at the Smith vocational high school.

Protest: Occupy Tuscon

From the Occupy Tuscon site: http://occupytucson.org/about “This is a leaderless movement, aiming to engage all parts of the 99% to participate in Direct Democracy. The organizers of this movement are the everyday people participating in a movement with many de-centralized…