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Northampton Education Foundation Annual Adult Spelling Bee 2017

Northampton Education Foundation Adult Spelling Bee is an annual fundraiser for Northampton Education Foundation and its Small Grants for Teachers program. The grants support field trips and class projects in the public schools.

For the Time Being

Henia Lewin shares her story as a Lithuanian child survivor of WWII. Film by Julia Carpenter.

The Transcript S01 E15: January 20th, 2017

This week, The Transcript in-choirs about Rock Voices, a community singing group here in Northampton. Connor McLindon talks to the girls basketball team about their season so far, and Meredith Pavlovich learns more about the NHS art department’s empty bowl…

Tell It Like It is- Funding

Our school is losing or budget. Nell sanders talks to our students and administration about where the missing money is.

Tell ItLike It is- DAPL

We explored another point of view over our Thanksgiving break. We uncover the cultural and environmental issues surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Tell It Like It Is- Election Results

After the 2016 election, our reporters investigate what is to come next and opinions about how things will change in our home town.

Tell it Like it Is- Do Nows

Nell uncovers the controversy surrounding the new Do Now initiative and the educational pros and cons.