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Under the Same Sun in Holyoke

Dozens of representatives of the Holyoke community and its demographics, including Mayor Alex Morse himself, gathered on the front lawn of the Holyoke Public Library Monday afternoon for a free show not on this Earth, but among the stars, in the form of the solar eclipse.

Tick Talk (PROMO)

Tick Talk: What You Can Do About Lyme Disease, a community forum exploring the prevalence of Lyme disease, prevention and treatment, will be held Tuesday, June 17, 6 to 8 p.m., at JFK Middle School in Northampton, hosted by the…

Northampton Waste Water Treatment

NCTV takes a tour of the Northampton Waste Water Treatment Plant with John Carver, the treatment plant’s Chief Operator, as part of our coverage on the Department of Public Works.

Composting and Recycling One Business at a Time

Lorenzo Macaluso of the Center for Eco Technology explains how the Recycling Works program can assist businesses to compost and recycle more. A great example of a business setting up an effective composting and recycling system follows as employees of…

FlipCam Goes to the Tuesday Market

FlipCam visits Tuesday Market and hears a little bit about gorgeous Cider Bottled Items and Fresh Fish available each Tuesday between Thornes and the Parking Garage in Northampton. Tags: Alicia Ralph, Tuesday Market, Farmer’s Market, farm, fresh, food, Northampton, Berkshore…