Category: Land & Wildlife

Caterpillar Walk

Caterpillar Walk Video by John Riley

Oxen Log Pull at Historic Northampton 1/24/18

​For the first time in more than a century, a team of oxen hauled logs in downtown Northampton. Forester and oxen driver Tom Jenkins of Blue Dog Forestry brought his oxen “Rock” and “Star” to Historic Northampton for a presentation…

Butterfly Tape

Montage of butterflies with music shot at Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory. Video by Owen Weaver

Nature Nerds Rule – Bobcats

Our bobcats here in New England are elusive and secretive. Many people never see a bobcat in the wild. This program focuses on the life of our bobcat. A Nature Nerds Rule/John Body production

Nature Nerds Rule – Butterflies of the Bullit

The Trustees’ Bullitt Reservation in Ashfield, Massachusetts is a little slice of heaven! Managed for butterflies, visitors can enjoy a wide range of butterflies, from the colorful Baltimore Checkerspot to the subtly beautiful Wood Nymph. This video explores the variety…

Nature Nerds Rule – Porcupine World

The porcupine is one of our most beloved wild animals here in New England but it isn’t very cuddly! This program explores the life of the porcupine. A Nature Nerds Rule/John Body production

Save the Bumble Bee

Economics, Ecology, and the Plight of our Native Bees focuses on our native bumble bees of New England. Dr. Gegear provides important research about our bumbles and has developed an app to allow people to participate in moving that research…