Category: Land & Wildlife

Arcadia 75th Anniversary Celebration

Arcadia is an Audubon Center located in the Pioneer Valley. It provides a variety of educational and recreational programs. In this video the Director reviews the history of the Center followed by a birthday celebration. Produced by Marty Espinola  …

Caterpillar Walk

Caterpillar Walk Video by John Riley

Oxen Log Pull at Historic Northampton 1/24/18

​For the first time in more than a century, a team of oxen hauled logs in downtown Northampton. Forester and oxen driver Tom Jenkins of Blue Dog Forestry brought his oxen “Rock” and “Star” to Historic Northampton for a presentation…

Butterfly Tape

Montage of butterflies with music shot at Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory. Video by Owen Weaver

Nature Nerds Rule – Bobcats

Our bobcats here in New England are elusive and secretive. Many people never see a bobcat in the wild. This program focuses on the life of our bobcat. A Nature Nerds Rule/John Body production

Nature Nerds Rule – Butterflies of the Bullit

The Trustees’ Bullitt Reservation in Ashfield, Massachusetts is a little slice of heaven! Managed for butterflies, visitors can enjoy a wide range of butterflies, from the colorful Baltimore Checkerspot to the subtly beautiful Wood Nymph. This video explores the variety…