Juneteenth Celebration

Saturday, June 23, 2012 Free at Last, Free at Last: A Juneteenth Community Celebration of Freedom at Gerrish Park, Six Corners Neighborhood in Springfield, MA. Filmed by Paki Wieland

EDAC’s First Meeting 2012_06_18

On June 18th, the Mayor’s newly-formed Economic Development Advisory Committee had their first meeting to discuss their goals and plans.

Paradise City Press: Tim O’Leary Speaks at Courthouse

On Tuesday, June 12, 2012 Tim O’ Leary an attorney from Southampton Massachusetts gave a kick off speech at the court house on Main Street in downtown Northampton,MA to announce his candidacy for Register Of Deeds for the City of…

Florence Mobil Station Demo

The NCTV FlipCam caught the progression of the demolition of the Mobil Station in the center of Florence. Watch the pumps disappear, a big hole appear, and mavel at the tanks plopped into a dumpster. Final shots, a dirt filled…

Mrs. Pickreign & Emily Dickinson

Mrs. Pickreign gives a brief description of the collaboration between some of her Culinary Arts students and a group of 4th grade poetry students at Jackson Street School. The high schoolers made an Emily Dickinson recipe–Ginger snap cookies–and placed them…