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Alex Cook’s Murals in Northampton

Music video of 3 murals painted by Alex Cook in 1997 in Northampton For more work by Alex Cook – Video by John Riley Tags: Murals, graffiti, art, public art, Alex Cook, John Riley, music video

Paradise City Press: El Conquistador

We went to check out the new restaurant in Florence, MA – El Conquistador, which blends cuisine from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Tags: Paradise City Press, El Conquistador, food, cuisine, authentic, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, spanish, restaurant, Florence

Gas Leaks Springfield and Northampton 6/2/16

Community forums in Springfield and Northampton concerning the issue of unrepaired gas leaks by Columbia Gas featuring a presentation by Ania Camargo, of the organization Mothers Out Front. The sponsors said there are more than 500 ongoing gas leaks in…

Managing Invasive Plant Species in Northampton

Tutorial on how to manage invasive species in Northampton conservation lands Video by John Riley Tags: John Riley, Invasive Species, nature, conservation, plants, mineral hills,


Gallí is a short art film made as a final project for Video Fundamentals 110 at HCC. Video by Danny O’Connell Tags: Holyoke, Northampton, art, nature, macro, abstract, Danny O’Connell, Galli, short film, HCC, Holyoke Community College, student film, art…


From Monday March 28th, to Friday April 1st Northampton High School played host to their second annual Social Justice Week. One week devoted to social justice education seems like a huge triumph in the eyes of many. When I spoke…