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Tap Dance Extravaganza

Collage of various tap dance movies. Video by John Riley Tags: John Riley, Tap dance, extravaganza, collage, experimental

Rust Like Rustiness

A horrendous act of violence somehow saves a relationship. A short film by Larry Green. Tags: LD Green, L.D. Green, Larry Green, Rust, Rust Like Rustiness, short film, poetry

The Unband as Spinal Tap

Spinal Tap (The Unband) get lost on their way to the stage for Transperformance 25 in Northampton, MA.

The Wastelands Project

The Wastelands Project is the story of Children of the Wild, a theatre ensemble in residence at Double Edge Theatre, as the company begins in the fields of Western Mass and sails across the Great Lakes in 2016, touring an…

Exotic Pets of Northampton: Episode 1

We sat down with Matt Driscoll, a python breeder in Northampton. He told us what got him interested in snakes, how he takes care of his four pythons, and more.

Northampton Mix Tape: Sophie’s Smokin’ Squeezebox

In the episode of Northampton Mix Tape, we listen to Sophie Crafts play her accordion with her accompanying marionette. Northampton Mix Tape documents the street performers that can be found on the streets of Northampton Massachusetts.

A Hobo’s Tale

By Dann Vazquez Tags: Dann Vazquez, Hobo, Hobo’s Tale