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Community Media Night Out at Arts Night Out Northampton

Henry White (Spotlighting Paradise) chats with folks in downtown Northampton about Art’s Night Out and NCTV. tags: henry white, nctv, spotlighting paradise, downtown, arts night out, community media night out

Spotlighting Paradise – Fit Together

Fit Together is a wellness center located in Florence, MA. Henry drops by to talk to manager , Kelly Collins about the facility and what it offers to area residents.

Spotlighting Paradise – Bobby Davis

Bobby Davis is a photographer and jazz musician. Host Henry White talks with Bobby about his early years photographing famous jazz legends. Tags: Bobby Davis, Henry White, Spotlighting Paradise, jazz, photography, talk show

Spotlighting Paradise Eagle Vision Nutrition

In this episode of Spotlighting Paradise Henry welcomes guest Danielle Perry to talk about her business: Eagle Vision Nutrition. From supermarket tours to smoothies she covers it all.

Spotlighting Paradise: Shokazoba

In this episode, Henry White talks to Jason Moses of the afrofunk group Shokazoba about issues of race and prejudice. Produced by Henry White Tags: Henry White, Shokazoba, Jason Moses, Afrobeat, afro, funk, music, Hampshire College, Spotlighting Paradise, racism, bigotry,…

Spotlighting Paradise: Holacracy

Produced by Henry White. Tags: Henry White, Holacracy, Spotlighting Paradise, Northampton, NCTV