Improving Stream Crossings

PSA announcing upcoming Stream Crossing workshops. Tags: NCTV, Northampton, Community, TV, television, access, public, Jessica Tanner, Stream, Crossings, Highway Department, workshop, Baystate Roads, culvert, river, fish passage

Northampton City Council/ School Committee Budget Meeting 1/31/13

The Northampton City Council and School Committee met on January 31, 2013 to review the financial condition of the city in anticipation of the upcoming budget process. Tags: NCTV, northampton, government, City Council, School Committee, budget, featured

Protest: Brief Interview with Charles Wilhite

A brief interview with Charles Wilhite before appearing on the Bill Newman show in Northampton, MA on January 28th, 2013. Also interviewed are Ed and Vera Cage, Wilhite’s uncle and aunt, and Dr. Gary Tartakov.

Congressman James McGovern on Citizen’s United

James Patrick “Jim” McGovern, the U.S. Representative for Massachusetts’ 2nd congressional district talks about representing Northampton, and his views on corporate personhood. Tags:Jim McGovern, NCTV, Paradise City Press, Citizen’s United, featured

Waterdance Art Open

Eileen Jager unveils her glass mosaic “Waterdance” at the Easthampton Savings Bank. Tags: Eileen Jager, Art, NCTV

Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition – Against the Tide 2013 PSA

The Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition is one of the few organizations that focuses on disease prevention – finding the causes of cancer before it starts. MBCC is a unique local organization that founded Silent Spring Institute (SSI), a nationally acclaimed…

Fools Be Known – Episode 4

A wacky talk show with hosts Gabriel Bernini and Jack Haller. Tags: Talk Show, NCTV, Northampton, Comedy, Gabriel Bernini, Jack Haller, Fools Be Known