Transperformance 2012 – AstroBeast as the O’Jays

AstroBeast is the afrobeat orchestra that’s too big to fail! A cosmic accretion of Valley musicians, each one an intregal part of a huge musical mechanism. Transperformance is an annual fundraising event jointly presented by the Northampton Arts Council and…

Bakery Normand’s Last Day

After 33 years, Patricia & Robert Normand close their Bakery at 192 Main Street, Northampton. This is a last look at the shop, and stand at the counter, and gaze longingly at a variety of fabulous breads.

Late Start Forum 8/22/12

The fourth and final Northampton Late Start Open Forum in which the proposals that will be submitted to the School Committee are presented to the public.

Paradise City Press Episode 2

A closer look at the stories from Northampton Community Television’s citizen journalism website