PVGrows Slow Money Pioneer Valley Chapter Meeting Spring 2012

One of the 15 Slow Money chapters that have been formally launched in 2012, Slow Money PV bring together equity investors and farm & food entrepreneurs in the Pioneer Valley. In addition, Slow Money PV works with other regional chapters…


Inspiring 5-Minute Food-Systems Talks by passionate students, faculty, and staff from some of our higher ed institutions around the Pioneer Valley. Learn more at www.pvgrows.net

Northampton Draws: Tape Art with Michael Townsend

Tape Artist Michael Townsend has been at his craft many years and remains humble. This piece shows tout Northampton getting into the tape rolling act. Watch the mermaids multiply on the bricks between the Gare Parking Garage and Thornes Marketplace….

Northampton Draws during Sidewalk Sales

Deborah Jane Slavitt describes the Northampton Center for the Arts Stop during the 2012 Sidewalk Sales. As a Fiber Artist, she encourages all to take needle to canvas and try drawing in yarn for the first ever Northampton Draws event,…

Spotlighting Paradise: Pedal People

Host, Henry White, talks to the Pedal People of Northampton about their origins and upcoming tenth anniversary celebration. Shot July 9th, 2012