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Fun Times with Ezekiel

Three friends go to a mysterious common house in the woods…only to find that they’ve accidentally summoned murderous ghouls! By Joel McAuslin and Norma Jean Haynes Tags: Joel McAuslin, Norma Jean Haynes, Fun Times With Ezekiel, Ezekiel, Ghouls, Cats, Cat…

Don’t Do It

A man has a dream. In this dream, he is told not to go out the front door. Why? When? Where? How? Is he still dreaming, or is all to real? These questions and possibly more are answered in the…

Pick It

A performance painting by Perry Huntoon. Recorded August 2010 in Northampton, Ma by Henry White. Tags: Perry Huntoon, Pick It, NCTV, art, unite

Voice from Inside

Incarcerated women share their stories and poems Tags: Emikan Sudan, Voices, incarcerated, women, poetry, writing, creative, stories, jail


A compilation of all clips from the Testimonio Project, a collaboration of the American Friends Service Community and Just Communities. This Project features the spoken experience of undocumented individuals living and working around Springfield, MA. Tags: Lorena Nanez-Bonilla, Testimonio, Springfield,…

Caravan Man: The Guy Behind The Puppet Stage

Puppeteer Jonathan Keezing of Caravan Puppets takes us behind the scenes of his show for kids. Video by Dawn Chipman Tags: Puppet show, Caravan Puppets, Jonathan Keezing, Dawn Chipman, kids, education, music, handmade, art, performing arts