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Video by Ben Bradley-Gilbert Scott Buckley composed the musical score – Tracks used: “Awakening” Tags: Thanksgiving, Ben Bradley-Gilbert

What is Valley Gives?

Jenny Papageorge sits down with Paradise City Press to talk about the Valley Gives program.

GoPro on a Hula Hoop

At our 2013 Annual Meeting we attached a GoPro to a hula hoop that some of our staff and members swung around. This is the result. Tags: Annual meeting, station ID, GoPro, hula hoop,

Spotlighting Paradise: Shokazoba

In this episode, Henry White talks to Jason Moses of the afrofunk group Shokazoba about issues of race and prejudice. Produced by Henry White Tags: Henry White, Shokazoba, Jason Moses, Afrobeat, afro, funk, music, Hampshire College, Spotlighting Paradise, racism, bigotry,…

Enchanted Circle Theater Infusing Art and Education

A look into one of the Acting Shakespeare programs Enchanted Circle Theater crafted for English Language Learners in the summer of 2013. Participants staged Julius Caesar after a 5-week intensive study of Shakespeare, Theater and English–and so much more. Directed…