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Order High School Graduation DVDs

Order Dvds of Northampton High School and Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School 2016 graduations.

Public Virtual Reality Demos at NCTV

We recently acquired a HTC Vive and want to share it with the community! The Vive, released in April of 2016, is a virtual reality headset that utilizes “room scale” technology to turn a room into 3D space via sensors.  With…

7 Day Film Sprint Recap

Last week, 24 teams created short films of a randomly picked genre as part of the second ever NCTV 7 Day Film Sprint. We held The Sprintys screening and awards on Tuesday March 8th at the Parlor Room in Northampton….

Focus Locus Screening “Gale and the Fish”

Gale spends her days catching and repairing government-issued robofish that populate the rivers and oceans. Out in the river one day, Gale nets something mysterious… a real fish. Clueless about what to do with the creature, Gale’s search for answers brings her on a journey through her family’s history.

2016 Production Grant Application

As part of its mission to foster the development of community media, Northampton Community Television will be awarding grants for the production of short original works. Click for more info & application