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Mask Girl – Happy Christmas

A mask girl just living in a human world. Video by Back Bar Recordings (Kelsey O’Brien & Courtney Hummel)

360 Crowd Reaction to Trump

This video was shot from the ticketed section of the mall just behind the reflecting pool as Donald Trump was announced at the inauguration. Shot with the Nikon KeyMission 360.

Talking Media on Inauguration Day * Youtube

Thanks to representatives McGovern and Kennedy we got two tickets to the Inauguration. In this video we hear about youtube as a media source.

Women’s March Supercut

Some slowed down looks at the Women’s March. Music: Bonsoir by Monplaisir

The Moment the Women’s March Took the Streets

So many people turned out that they filled up the march route. In this video a rally organizer asks the crowd what they want to do, stay where they are or take the streets?