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Winter Solstice 2017

Scenes from a Winter Solstice Bonfire by Ben Bradley-Gilbert

A Visit at the Northampton Airport

A Visit at the Northampton Airport – speaking with career pilot Christian Chandler. Video by Andre Kopacki

The Advocate Sessions: Behind the Scenes

The Valley Advocate Sessions — presented by the Valley Advocate, Signature Sounds, and NCTV — regularly features short concerts by local musicians both seasoned and new. Suggest a band by contacting arts editor Hunter Styles at Video by Andre…

Work or Hospital

Or, Wicked Stoned Poetry performance by LD Green

Urban Scum

Urban Scum is an experiment in cinematography consisting of footage from multiple outings to abandoned buildings. A Capstone project by David Beebe

The Third Man Scene Recreation

A modern take on a scene from the 1949 film-noir release The Third Man, in which our character Holly Martins stumbles upon his old friend Harry Lime, who is believed to be dead. Created by Jasmine Quinones & her team…