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Poetry Moment

The reading and reviewing of a poem written by ld green Tags: ld green, nancy howard, poetry, poem, reading, review land of the lonely

Source To Sea – Cleaning Up the Connecticut River

Thousands of volunteers made their way to the banks of the Connecticut River for the nineteenth annual Source To Sea clean up. The two day event is organized by the Connecticut River Watershed Counsel and has many clean up groups…

League of Womens Voters Book Sale

The League of Women Voters held their annual book sale on Saturday September 26 at the Smith Vocational School in Northampton. This was their 66th annual sale. The sale acts the group’s only fundraiser and serves to fund their voter…

Nick Tokman Speaks at the Hampshire Regional YMCA

Nick Tokman from Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” speaks to children at the Hampshire Regional YMCA in Northampton, Massachusetts. Video by Erica Desreuisseau Tags: Erica Desreuisseau, HRYMCA, YMCA, Nick Tokman, Deadliest Catch, children, discovery channel, motivational speech

Sunflower Array

Video collage of sunflowers and radar by John Riley Tags: John Riley, sunflower array, experimental, collage

Jonathan Edwards at Forbes Library

Elise Bernier-Feeley speaking about the Jonathan Edwards collection at Forbes Library Video by John Riley Tags: John Riley, Jonathan Edwards, Forbes Library, Elise Bernier-Feeley

Caught Off Guard

Caught Off Guard student Improv group at Northampton High School. Video by John Riley Tags: Improv, Caught Off Guard, Northampton High School, John Riley, improvisation, theatre

Folk Festival 4/28/15

Video by Bonnie Burnham Tags: Bonnie Burnham, Folk Festival